Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cool Spot

My eyes opened to find the other half standing beside the bed staring directly at me. As my vision and my mind began to clear I could tell he was saying something. Since it was morning of our six year anniversary, I looked down his body to find the tray of breakfast and piping hot coffee. He has never brought me a breakfast tray in the entire six years we’ve been together, so it’s strange that I looked for this. As I came around, I focused on the warm anniversary morning greeting he was exhorting to me.

“The refrigerator is dead! Everything in the freezer is ruined.”

He turned and marched from the room to let me process the death that has befallen our house.

After much caucusing between the two of us and the dog as we stood over the corpse of our 10 year old Kenmore, it was decided that we had to go appliance shopping. This is when I returned to my theory that domesticity isn't pretty. You just might spend your anniversaries driving from massive appliance store to massive appliance store in hopes to find a great deal.

“Ok, so we need ice and water through the door” I said after the third store.

“Yes, but we’re to the point in our lives that we deserve a really nice fridge. So, freezer on the bottom and French doors.” My spendy partner said as he attempted to sell me on the 3,000 stainless models.

As I walked down the endless variety of ice boxes, I couldn’t help thinking of Scruff. There were things to consider: Bottom mount. Top mount. Side by Side. Dear God, who knew there would be so many choices just to keep my OJ cool.

“This will be our anniversary present to us” actually fell from my dear man’s lips as the salesperson attempted to ring us up. “Oooooo, like a trip to London, yet better. And colder. And a fridge. Without us leaving the house.” I said to the cashier as she attempted to sell us an extended warranty.

We decided on a nice black Kenmore Side by Side. It has ice and water on the door, because we’re fancy, yet not pretentious enough to have French doors on our fridge. I’m excited to take vacation photos of it, because… well it’s my summer vacation. And my anniversary present.


Pac said...

Happy anniversary Stevie! If you like cold beer, a refrigerator is way better than a trip to London.

daemon said...

Happy Anniversary to the both of you. I truly enjoyed this post and it made me reminisce about my own adventures in domesticity. The laugh and smile you gave me started my day off great, even if your morning wasn't quite so enjoyable. Enjoy the fridge and memories. :)


Kelly said...

yay on the anniversary...cheers and congrats

Wonder Man said...

Happy Anniversary

Link Bauer said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats!

Blobby said...

Happy Anniversary. While an ok fan of the side by side, the french door one was our best choice. Ugly models of them had water/ice in the door and we opted to forgo that and open the bottom drawer for ice and just use the tap for H20.

7 years later, I'm still very happy with it.

Erik Rubright said...

Happy anniversary! I totally forgot that refrigerators were the new 6 year gift!

My Husbear keeps jonesing for a new fridge. I just know ours will suffer some sort of "accident" before long. Not that he would *ever* do something like that.

cb said...

What? You didn't opt for the industrial sub-zero??