Monday, October 22, 2012

Lawrence S. Kubie can Burn in Hell

I have to read several books in a very short amount of time.Over the weekend, after being disappointed that our local independent GLBTbookstore, The Tattered Cover, was wholly lacking any books on Gay Americansserving in the military, I found what I needed at the local library. 

I grasped my stack of books centered on “Don’t Ask; Don’tTell” and headed for a nice quiet place to read. My gym. Attempting to read thestruggle of Dan Choi, while on a treadmill was problematic at first. Eventually I got into a rhythm and was able to knock out a lot of research. I did notice as I read about the military’s hypocritical and deviant policies towards Gayand Lesbian service members I started to run faster. Soon I was pounding awayon the treadmill belt. During a particular chapter explaining that during WWIIthe US Government had an ad campaign to advertise draft dodgers as weak,less-than-real-men homosexuals, that any man not wanting to serve wasn’t a“real man” and should be mocked. I realized that a part of our societies viewon homosexuals is based on the governments need to recruit soldiers.

Around this realization, I was bucked off my treadmill.

Thankfully the gym was close to empty, so no one noticed. No one noticed me falling from my treadmill and shaking my Tim Gunn fist at the ceiling declaring, “Damn you, Lawrence S. Kubie, M.D. Damn you for characterizingmen who don’t have blood lust and swishy sissies!”

I might be studying too hard. 

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