Monday, October 29, 2012

Nazi Rant of the Day

As you may know I have become completely obsessed with Nazis lately. Okay, gay Nazis. Well, Nazis that may or may not be gay and the theories of social ethnic cleansing of a people… and the men who loved them.

Now we know that ethnic cleansing is the widely accepted scholarly term used to describe the systematic and violent removal of undesired ethnic groups from a given group or society. And that the Nazis used massive ass hat social policies that was based on the improvement of their made up “Aryan race” through targeting groups who were deemed “unworthy of life, including homosexuals.

The funny thing, and by “funny” I mean unimaginable, is that gays were the first group to have their rights removed, yet historians seem reluctant to approach the subject and quickly turn to the fate of other minorities in Nazi Germany at the time. Homosexuals were subjected to the first wave of cleansing of Germany, yet you will find very little about this in history books.

What I have found a lot of lately is the massive amount of Allied propaganda that still survives today. This misinformation was based around the fact that the Hitler himself was a huge moe. This propaganda was used in a schoolyard bully way to motivate the U.S. forces in demonizing Hitler.  Which, they didn’t need to do as he was pretty much making his own case of being a horrible monster. This propaganda did; however, begat the “homosexuals are Nazis” and was pretty much the foundation for the books like The Pink Swastika, which right-wing AM radio nut job ass hats use to spread their personal vendetta and hate against Gays and Lesbians. 

Even though Homosexuals were the first group to be hauled off and gassed, not to mention the thousands who were mutilated or dissected in so-called medical experiments by Nazi doctors, who insisted that homosexuality was a disease that could be “cured.” My thought is, if the Nazi Doctors, with out any medical board regulations could not cure homosexuality… well I guess it can’t be cured. And why is it that if gays were the first to die in horrible ways, and used in massive slur campaigns why is it still being then turned around and used to demonize homosexuals. Why don’t historians speak of the sacrifice?


Pac said...

Wow, deep. You touched on a personal pet peeve of mine. Actually, "peeve" isn't strong enough... pet passionate objection is more like it.

When historical facts are so important, I find people who seek to rewrite history to fit a personal, political or religious agenda to be despicable low-life scum wads.

More despicable and lower-life scum wads than Nazis? Maybe not, but pretty damn close and they can't be allowed to go unchallenged.

I find Warren Throckmorton is a good resource for challenging these... people.

doreus said...

There are multiple reasons why gay history took very long to come out from the historical closet, especially as it relates to the question of Nazi Germany. Some have to do with the lack of organisation of gays and lesbians after the War, some have to do with the Cold War and the dichotomies it created (leaving very little space for gays and lesbians to exist, actually; the years after WWII were some of the worse for gays and lesbians.
There are many issues that are related to this one... and have to do with how we have constructed our historical consciousness and are comforted by it. And memory is always selective.
As a professional historian (whose research does not focus exclusively on this question, however), I have always been intrigued (too feeble a word; dismayed, rather) by this situation, but the dearth of organised archives (especially compared to those of other groups that have been targeted by the Nazis) is now our major impediment.

Homer said...

Up until recently it was career suicide for academics to study LGBT history, since the selection committees were composed entirely of old straight white men. In the last 20 years this has changed, but the resulting historical research is still getting less coverage than the outrageous Scott Lively book.

Damien said...

I thnk this particular area of history is being moved forward now and actively studied.

Germany did the right thing by setting up the memorial to all those G&L's killed during WWII....

As a Jew I appreciate that we were given priority as a study subject due to the nature of the Nazi agenda, but I think finally more and more areas of the social strata are now being looked at.

Wonder Man said...

Wow I think I learned something in this post

Erik Rubright said...

Informative post. Now my curiosity is piqued and I must go research.