Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three Weeks

It's just three weeks until the big gay criuse. This means my dietary intake has been reduced to lettuce and dust. Well, and coffee.

I decided to buy one of those "motivational" swimsuits. The type that I'll never really be able to look good wearing, yet I walk by five times a day, as it sits atop my dresser mocking me. "I will let the Caribbean sun see you, Speedo! I will" I just need to eat as if I was Karen Carpenter. 

*swimsuit not representative
 of how Steve will look.  
In my food deprived state, I have realized how un-prepared I am for this trip. Other than my speedo. Last night, I realized The reservation I made for a rental car for Fort Lauderdale was promptly deleted by me. I had zero information in regaurd to the reservation. Thankfully I had used my credit card points to pay for it, so I called the helpful credit card elves to find it for me. Yay. 

If you need me for the next three weeks, I'll be at the gym. I'll be the one with a trail of empty Slim-Fast cans behind me and a glazed-over pre-cruise lack of carbs pallor.


Pac said...

I already finished today's ration of lettuce. The dust I'm saving for after my evening workout.

Jim said...

And work on your spray-tan!

Damien said...

I can't tell you how hard I wanted to slap you after reading this post.

Naughty Stevie.

Bending to body facism.

Ur-spo said...

good luck on this.