Friday, January 10, 2014

Steve of the Forest

I'm finding that I am spending some of my new year the same way I spent 2013; wandering around the  big box athletic/sports stores. There seems to be an endless supply of Under Armour base layer or Nike Dry-Fit gear that I NEED to buy.  Daddy needs new Asics Gel-Nimbus. 

It was during one of these trips recently that I stumbled upon a great deal.  50% off a new Coleman tent. Not since the camping disaster of '07 where a river began to flow through my old tent, have I had the desire to own a dome of nylon and fiberglass. As I glazed upon the happy sport lesbians on the bag, so conTENT to sit around in fleece, drinking hot chocolate from tin cups, and sharing their womanly feelings as they soak-up the Great Outdoors, I realized that I needed to return to the wilderness. Steve of the Forest! 

So I bought a tent in January. It won't be long before I load up and move out to the Rocky Mountains that mock me with their beauty every day on my commute to work. Now I say "look out mountains! I going to come sleep inside you!"


Blobby said...

at least you're saying it to mountains now. but you can't talk about your feelings until someone hands you the talking stick. It's a rule.

Ur-spo said...

I guess this means you will be sleeping in future tents.

viktor kerney said...

you said Daddy