Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions 2014

Today brings a lot of posts on Social Media in regard to “Resolutions.” mostly how people are not making resolutions as they are considered a bad idea. That they don’t last and are “unattainable.” This makes me think that maybe it’s more of a reflection on the person declaring the uselessness of resolutions more than the concept. 

I, for one, like resolutions. They are a plan you develop with your self. A road map on the personal goal you want to accomplish. Last year I stated:

 “I resolve to make my Apollo’s Belt pop. You know, Apollo’s Belt, also known as the “Brad Pitt muscle.”

And although I don’t have a fully functioning Apollo’s belt, I did make major strides in that area. I began to focus on this goal, and I’m on my way seeing the shaping and growing of this muscle group. So even if resolutions take longer than you hope, goals are important. 

So, I hope that you set resolutions this New Years Day. Not as lofty dreams, but goals you make with your self. Then hold yourself accountable to achieving them. 

My first resolution? Go to a local diner, Pete’s Kitchen and have a Breakfast Burrito Supreme. For me, this symbolizes the essence of having a good time, stemming from my teens and twenties when I spent way too much time at this diner. This act is more of a reminder to stop and enjoy my life.  After that? Get around to buying a Truck, not let dust settle on my bike, and to grow a Hipster beard just in time for the fad to end.  

Here are my blogged resolutions from the past: 


BosGuy said...

Here in Boston we call them something a bit more vulgar, 'cum gutters'. However, I just call'em sexy.

Happy and healthy New Year to you Stevie.


Jim said...

Happy New Year Stevie! Hope it's a great year for you!

Blobby said...

if you find an Apollo's Burrito, you'd be set for life!

Robert said...

Happy New Year Stevie!!!

Work hard and that belt is yours! I have one, but it's kinda buried under a lot of blubber. lol

Ur-spo said...

I have a similar resolution for the abdomen; I hope we both get our achieved.