Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions 2011

Do you do the whole “Resolutions” thing? I’ve always have a couple of things in my mind, like in years past.

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But really, if you work hard all the time then you don’t have to make deep soul searching decisions that lead to deep soul crushing disappointments. If I blow off a day at the gym, then it’s my choice but that decision will affect my overall goals. So I just go to the gym. If I need to set goals for myself, this is a great time but, shouldn’t I always want the best for me?

I guess my big resolution for ’10 after eating a huge breakfast burrito at Pete’s Kitchen is to run. Run a lot. This will be easier, I believe because of a Christmas present I received from Patrick.

I’ve already plunged my monkey brain into this book. You can check it out here. I feel it’ll be a huge help in changing my thought pattern from someone who is trying to get into running to someone who just runs. Thanks, Patrick.

So, welcome to 2011. This reminds me, 25 days until my 39th birthday.


Greg said...

I used to do the whole resolution thing, but have learned over the years that resolutions are very easy to break. So instead, I set goals, and last year, I managed to reach all of them. First time that's ever happened. Good luck with yours in the New Year!

Wonder Man said...

I do resolutions, I just try to set goals for the whole year