Monday, January 24, 2011


I’d like to throw a shout out to the F-150 that cut me off on south bound I-25 not once but twice this morning. Your personalized license plate reading THKS2GOD is a good replacement to using your turn signal. Thanks, God.

I’m glad that the weekend is over, actually. On Saturday I pulled off a surprise birthday party for Fuzzy the Homosexual lifetime companion partner. Although most of the work was done by the BFF Carl, I was nervous that every day since the 1st of January I would be the one that spilled the beans and divulged the party plans. The stress was getting to me.

“Steve, did you change the laundry?”

“Oh, God….. Uh…. No nothing’s going on for your birthday. Maybe what do you mean?” As I start to flail my arms around like Helen Keller at a felching party.

I knew that trying to get Fuzzy to Hamburger Mary’s precisely at 7:15 last Saturday, was going to near impossible. A cold sweat started on Saturday morning. A sweat that lasted until in the parking lot of restaurant when he turned to the car next to us and stated “that looks like my Dad’s car”.

As he walked into fifty of his friends and family wishing him a happy birthday, I realized that all the stress was worth it. THKS2GOD birthdays only come once a year.


Pac said...

... like Helen Keller at a felching party

You do have a way with words, Stevie. Glad it all worked out so well.

Wonder Man said...

Yeah, you should put these saying in a book