Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The last vacation that Fuzzy and I took that did not include a really big and really gay cruise ship was back in ’07. This is when Fuzz snapped this shot….


“My life as it has been lived with dignity." With a Champagne Taurus.

Wandering around Seattle last week we started talking how much we love rental cars. You can really drive anyway you want in a rental car, because there’s nothing like pushing a four door sedan to its limits. At the end of the week you just turn it in and hope they don’t find all the cheese melted into the backseat. It was during this discussion that I hopped up on the hood of our little Nissan. *

*Nissan’s are not designed to hold the weight a very large man. Just remember that.


Blobby said...

"My life as it has been lived with dignity." With a Champagne Taurus.

I really think these two things do not go together.

Nice pics though. The legs and arms are very impressive.

Dead Robot said...

Dont forget the self satisfying Taco Bell fart just before dropping it off.

I have to agree with Blobby, pic #2 is cut and tanned. #1 looks like you've been at the cruise buffet a bit too long.

Just sayin.

StevieB said...

Mmmmmmm k. Ouch.

The Mutant said...

Wait a minute - you poured two hulking dudes such as yourself and Fuzz into that tiny, tiny Versa?

Was the fucking thing still able to moove with that much muscle in it?

Reminds me of this, sorta.

Wonder Man said...

Oh, Dead Robot...

Stevie is cute in both pics

Beefy is dreamy

Dead Robot said...

Oh he knows I kid.

I would pay large dollars to see him recreate the Paris Hilton Burger/Car wash commercial.

Damien Oz said...

Where did my comment go?

It was a COMPLIMENT Stevie?!?!?!?