Monday, August 23, 2010


Well, three days sitting in a windowless conference room on a Military command staring at PowerPoint presentations sounds fun. It really isn’t. The worst part was that the command was in the middle of remodeling their cafeteria so I didn’t get the whole “eating in the galley” experience. Other than having a Corpsman shove a plate of beef and noodles towards my head. But, speaking of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell there were a surprising amount of headless washboarded torsos on Grindr. I thought that was odd incredible hot.

Each headless torso would say, “Dude. I GHR and XYZ at 1500.” I had no idea what they were saying by rattling off acronyms, but it sure sounded cool. I just responded by saying that I was the only guy wandering around in a grey suit with beef and noodle casserole in my hair.

During my flights I read the book HERE’S WHAT WE’LL SAY by Reichen Lehmkuhl. Who, turns out was the boyfriend of Lance Bass back in ’06. Don’t hold that against him. Well, the book was quite poignant and a great read. It speaks strongly to the day to day harm that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell plays in the armed forces. In its only goal to destroy strong, dedicated serves members just to guard small minded bigots from growing the fuck up. In this case the US Air Force Academy while Reichen was a cadet during the mid ‘90s. Although it was odd to hear stories of the Academy in that time frame because during that same time, living in Denver, I would only sleep with Air Force Cadets from that academy from Colorado Springs. Small world.


Dead Robot said...

"beef and noodle casserole in my hair"

I'd do you.

Blobby said...

I don't hold him being Lance's bf against him. Him being on some crappy reality show and being a whore for it, I kind of do.

....and then, maybe you "slept" with him and just didn't know it.

Wonder Man said...

He wrote a book?

Gooster said...

Reichen is good friends with a buddy of mine! Guess he's a super nice guy who is a little shy. That's all!

StevieB said...

His book translates that he's a man of honesty and morals. Damn you Lance Bass, and damn you Perez Hilton to hell.