Monday, August 16, 2010


I started riding again. On Saturday I got my new rack installed on the car and set out for a ride. I really didn’t go far just across our little village but it was enough to get me back into the love of not having techno in my ear, or the phone ringing, or any other distraction to fill my monkey brain up with needless fluff.

The good thing about living toward the end of the developed outer burbs is that there are miles of miles of neighborhoods that never got completed after the crash, they laid the streets and just walked away. This means I have an entire section of town to ride without any cars trying to run me down.

When I was fourteen I started to feather my hair. I’d spend hours in the bathroom trying to get the Aqua Net to hold my hair into the same position as Steven Carrington’s perfect flip. This was also the summer that I got my first real bike. An orange ten-speed I took out near our house when a semi-trailer decided to run over me. I do remember seeing my ten-speed lying on the road bent in half along with my leg, bent in half. After dying in the ER, countless surgeries and countless screws and plates being inserted into my body I decided that I was never getting near a bike again. Never ever.

And I didn’t for quite awhile. Now my rides are half to exercise and half to exorcise.


Stephen Chapman... said...

come on, admit it... you got in the car and just drove around town with the bike on the rack!

Sean said...

This is late but if you're really committed to biking, I recommend getting a trailer hitch put on your car - costs about $200 hitch and instillation, takes about an hour to install and then get a hitch mounted bike rack about $100 -$400. I say this for several reasons. This kind of bike rack is the only kind that doesn't damage the car. It'll allow you access to the trunk. It is the most secure and the easiest to load the bike on to and you can load up to 4 bikes depending on the rack you buy.

Wonder Man said...

I've seen that feathered hair in one of your pics... so 80s

Michael Rivers said...

Wasn't it great to feather your hair?! I felt so grown up.

The Mutant said...

Is that a Decepticon logo on the rear glass of your Magentis?


I think I love you - even if you are one of those lycra-clad bike riding freaks!

Also - getting hit by a semi trailer: Fucking ouch!

Blobby said...

If I saw you w Steven Carrington (the 2nd) hair, I might have run you down too - just on principle.

You kind of had it coming. :)

StevieB said...

It's not a Magentis! It's a Lotze. I'm Korean.