Monday, August 9, 2010


Welcome to the dog days of summer. Early yesterday morning I went for a run in the park. Well... I drove to the park and sat in the air-conditioning as I watched guys run with their sweaty shirtless chests heaving past my car then decided to drive for a ice mocha chiller. I did go..... for a run. 

You've been a good boy? Cazwell wants to buy you ice cream…

 Suddenly I want a drumstick. Real bad.  Check out his latest album on his site,


Wonder Man said...

hot video

Michael Rivers said...

That's the best way to go for a run on a hot day.

The Mutant said...

It is the middle of winter.

It is freezing fucking cold.

It is raining its tits off.

...And I still have the most unusual craving for ice cream. Where the hell is that ice cream truck when you need it?

cb said...

I love the fact that you channeled Jennifer Coolidge-- even tho this video gives me an ice cream headache.