Friday, August 27, 2010


I feel stuck inside a Matthew Barney film this week. Long, intriguing, and cerebral yet you sit there wandering what the hell is happening but won’t say anything in fear that you’re the only one that just doesn’t “get it”.

In the middle of a conference call this week, being chosen to head up a project I referred to myself as the team’s cathodic protection. This got blank stares. I went on to explain about blocks of reactive metal like zinc strips being attached to ship hulls to break the electron flow from oxidizing the metal of the hull. More blank stares. I then quickly decided to go the Ralph Wiggim approach and just said “You choo-choo choose me?”

I blame August. Towards the end of August everyone turns a bit odd. Maybe we get lethargic from the heat and knowing that summer is come to its climax. Like when that hot guy collapses in the bed next to you and although it was frickin amazing you start to wonder where your car is. The end of August is like that. Summer was a fun time but, soon you’ll want your own pillow to bite under your head.

Well here’s to the wrapping up of summer. Unless you’re Kez in Melbourne, then happy soon to be spring.


Gooster said...

As much fun as hot, sweaty sex is, I prefer not to get that way just from snuggling. We still have a 2 more months of hot nights here. =/

Wonder Man said...

It's always hot here in L.A.

The Mutant said...

Fuck you and your fucking summer! I work in a tin shed and its fucking freezing here! Bring on spring, but more than that bring on summer, and swimming, and icy poles, and shorts, and shirtless guys in the CBD and sleeping naked.

I love summer. I love it so hard. I love hearing all about it from the Northern Hemisphere too, so before it runs away please tell me every good thing about your summer - before the cruel, belittling fall takes it all away from you.

cb said...

I would have gotten both references-- and laughed.

And then we would have had sex on the conference room table while the rest of the team "brainstormed".

Anonymous said...

See, I'd probably just start screaming, "I AM GOOD WITH PEOPLE!"