Tuesday, January 25, 2011


They say that humans learn more before the age of two then the remainder of their lives. I beg to differ, since I’m days away from my thirty-ninth birthday I would like to offer that as for me I’ve learned more in my late thirties then I ever thought possible.

Some of this learning I’m referencing would actually be un-learning. A perfect example would be my snap judgments. In the last year I’ve had to unlearn making quick judgments on people. Character is more telling than looks. Or maybe I’ve had to unlearn my steadfast taste in men, or even down to my need to only drive a 4X4.

I’ve realized this week that I’m learning that what I thought I knew, I don’t know. Confusing? Not really, it’s like I’m finally calming down. Getting comfortable in my own skin.

This was made clear not long ago when I gave a hug to my friend Carl. See, I spent the last twenty years hating hugs. I’d never hug anyone because I didn’t see the point and it somehow made me “less masculine” in my eyes. Thirteen years of friendship and not once had I hugged Carl. Really? How does that make me more masculine?

I feel I’m going to enter my thirty-ninth year with a much more clear Idea of what it takes to be Steve. That being said, let me re-read this when I ‘m at forty-nine so I can have a good laugh.


Pac said...

((Birthday Hug!))

Wonder Man said...

I always thought of you as a hugging person

Blobby said...

Hugging is weird. Or not.

I did not grow up in a demonstrative family, so I don't do it a lot, esp to strangers.

But I'd hug ya. :)

Anonymous said...

Stevie is so nut a hugger - but he is getting better.... he doesn't run like he used to when a pair of flabby arms reaches for his neck.... or perhaps he just doesn't run cause he is getting older.. lol... cn

cb said...

I hope you have a good 39th... and I, too, shun from hugs.

But in my case I think it's just because they are too emotionally painful.