Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yesterday in my stumbling around the interwebs I came across a photo and a blog about a love between a man and his vacuum.

The award for the gayest blog post not meaning to be a gay blog post goes to…..


I was Carson.

Way to go buddy, growing up a shy Mormon boy I too wheeled the vacuum into the bathroom so I could look at it while I was in the bath. My obsession for the Jesus Christ and the latter day saints came right above the man who sold us our Kirby.


Dead Robot said...

The best line in the movie "Brave Little Toaster" is when the AC unit, says in a crappy Jack Nicholson impersonation: "Oh, I'm really scared there, Kirby. What are you going to do, suck me to death?"

Pac said...

I've moved on to Dyson. It's the brittish accent.

Randy P. said...

I'm not letting stevie take my new wet/dry vac in the bath... who knows what horrors would ensue. (but I'd love to know... wouldn't you...)

Wonder Man said...

I loved Barbie as a kid, but hey, vacuums are cool too

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

I knew a guy in DC named Kirby Hoover. I kid you not. I made him show me his ID to prove it.