Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This egg wants you dead. He wants you dead for what you’ve done to him and his family. I don’t blame him.

The homosexual lifetime companion partner and I made a pact yesterday. No fast-food for two weeks. God help me. Not because I need it, It’s living with a bear that isn’t getting a continuous supply of fast food preservatives in Egg Mcmuffins.


Dead Robot said...

Wow. Good luck. I know how much you like to sit in your car with $30 of fast food and watch the world go by/be judgmental...

Dale W. said...

the picture:
Me at the front.
Tara's on the left.
Lela's on the right.
Lew's gone to pieces.

Good luck with no junk food.

Wonder Man said...

Good luck

Homer said...

I should make a vow not to eat cookies for two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Have yall eaten fast food yet? cn