Thursday, December 30, 2010


Now that the tree has been taken down and all the red and green totes are stored, I have a bit of time before the New Years Eve parties begin to stop and tell you something.

Thank you for making this year great.

No really, I don't know how I'd decompress if it wasn't for my blogging. You return time and time again to check in with what crazy goo is coming out of my head and on to my page. So, with out getting all sappy, thank you. I'd totally give you one of those bro hugs right now.

I hope 2011 is great to you, if not let me know I'll kick it's ass just for you. But, I'm sure it will. I'll iron my "best shirt" and head out to the New Years Eve parties with complete optimism. Optimism because we're here, we're queer and we're used to it.

So enjoy your parties, you deserve it.

- Posted via my iPhone whilst being an enigma.


RHODEB said...

Good stuff, Stevie! Thanks...

cb said...

Nice spinnet.

Damien Oz said...

Dear Stevie,

Thank you for such an interesting, light hearted, sometimes serious but always multi-faceted look into your life and your opinions and interests.

As you know, I live with chronic clinical depression. Your blog is one of a handful that I visit that I get real relief from the darkness that sometimes threaten to overwhelm me.

You have honestly lifted my mood on days where it seemed nothing could.

Thank YOU.

May I pray that HaShem blesses you during 2011.

Thank you and Shalom

2 Cents Worth Down Under.

Pac said...

"I hope 2011 is great to you, if not let me know I'll kick it's ass just for you."

That's not the first time you've offered your protective services in defense of someone you've never actually met in person. That really says a lot.

Thank you Stevie, and Happy New Year!!

Wonder Man said...

Thank you, Stevie. For putting funny and crazy things on your blog. I love coming here.

Dale W. said...

What they said. But with added Doctor Who and admiration. Have a great 2011 fella. x

Dead Robot said...

I came for the pecs, and I found much... much more.

I'll never look at puma shoes the same way.

Thank you for moving forward and reaching for the bars.

Vương Tử Trực said...

Happy New Year 2011!