Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I use the iPhone app, Scruff* as a way to kill time. I just wander around looking at profiles until I find a hot guy to stare at or maybe a witty profile detail, I especially appreciate well written personal descriptions. Good for you Mr. Man for taking the time to put something creative in your little ABOUT ME box.

I started to update my little “What I’m Into” box on Scruff last night while waiting for the sausages that Fuzzy was pawning off as dinner to be done broiled. I quickly realized that it was turning into a rampage on how I hate the US version of Top Gear.

Top Gear is probably my favorite show on the idiot box. The UK version. See, I now have to say “UK version” because there is now a US version of the show. Which I hate. The show and having to say that it’s the UK version I like.

The reason I watch this car show is because it’s not like the Dude, typical straight bubba shows on the TV network known as Spike. I’m really into cars, not looking a boob jobs being scraped across the hood of cars. UK Top Gear? No boobs. Just witty boobs talking about cars, and cute James May. Then suddenly my DVR decided I needed to watch the US Top Gear, Oooo more cool car shows!?

No. It’s like the History Channel decided to take the lobby of the Smithsonian and put a Hooters in it. You can still see the lunar rover and the Wright Brothers’ plane, just with BBQ sauce on your hands. The wit is gone and replaced with dumb-downed dude jokes. Really? Can the hosts put on a clean shirt? No.

So, I guess I won’t be updating my Scruff profile. Unless I really want every gay guy that’s not seen Christine Aguilera in concert* to know what I crazy person I really am. Which you already knew.

*Grindr = Has seen Christine Aguilera in concert
Scruff = Has not seen Christine Aguilera in concert


Anonymous said...

Did you mean cute Richard Hammond? The short one?

Dale W. said...

I have not seen Aguilera in concert. I would rather gnaw my fingers off. Love Top Gear. The UK version. ;o)

Wonder Man said...

I agree, the UK version is better

Pac said...

Oh. It's a TV show. I was imagining something completely different.

Anonymous said...

Watched the US version once. Came to he conclusion that it needed at least a couple years to settle into its own voice... Complete dreck for now, but maybe it can find a better way to translate from the original English.

Nik_TheGreek said...

I don't know too much about cars but I like 'Top Gear' as well. I like their sense of humour and most of the stories. Clarkson can be obnoxious some times but it's fine.

cb said...

I love Xtina... but have never seen her in concert.

Unless "Burlesque" counts.