Thursday, December 9, 2010


Have you ever acquired something thinking it was just the coolest thing ever, just to be proven very wrong?

Yesterday was a work from home day for me. I’m finding this weird because I end up getting more done in my sweatpants and un-showered then any day at the office in a polo shirt. Maybe it’s because I want to prove to the world and the boss that I’m viable at home or it’s a good motivator to have a dog staring you down every second. Who knows, even after Skyping my bud in Brighton, UK and bouncing around Facebook I finished a major report. Yeah, all in my PJs.

Cloistered away in Southfork and after going for a long run, when Frank called and asked if I wanted to go to Costco I jumped at talking to someone other than a Shar-pei. This is where I saw the jacket I bought last month. A cool design of Polar fleece and Lycra, perfect for running and matches my running pants. Which I can no longer wear in front of my supportive friends as I’ve heard enough Steve’s wearing spandex jokes for a lifetime.

As we made our way through the free buffet that is Costco, I reached for a tiny specimen cup filled with meatballs just to be met with my cool coat on Santa Claus. Probably not the Santa, it just looked like him. Huh, Santa wears my cool running gear. Well, there goes that.

So if you need me, I’ll be running in the park wearing Santa’s running jacket. In spandex.


Dale W. said...

Very superhero of you, spandex... and StevieB in PJs is adorable.

Wonder Man said...

I wouldn't laugh at you in spandex, I'll give you a compliment first

Blobby said...

You in Santa spandex in a park.

I see a 'Dateline' special featuring you in the upcoming weeks.