Friday, December 3, 2010


As we sat around this holiday weekend the friends talked about the usual girl talk. Eventually the subject turned to how we spent our twenties. Or, wasted our twenties. Most of us stood around bars and tried to get laid. I spent most of this time at “Surf City” a beach themed bar with surf boards and fake nets everywhere. If I wasn’t there I was burning up the dance floor at The Metro. You’d find me wearing Guess jeans with a braided belt and sporting an over sized dress shirt, with a Structure tie. Now I know, I resembled a Cracker Barrel waiter, but then I was smooth and cool.
Standing around The Metro in my over sized braided belt hanging down my left thigh I would suck down Zimas and stare blankly at the video wall. Waiting for Sorority Girls From Hell to play. This video phenomenon was shared with most everyone sitting around the Thanksgiving table.

I thought I’d share it again with you. Just imagine you’re wearing a Chess King jacket.


Dale W. said...

The last line just completely slew me. Brilliant!!

Homer said...

I spent my 20s finishing college, 2 years doing archaeology digs, and then grad school for four years.

Wonder Man said...

Chess King, oh the memories

cb said...

I was more into the fashions of "Merry Go Round"