Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Let’s do the annual Christmas prezzies to Steve review. As with every year the gifts to Steve were great, Pumas, T-shirts, robots, Dr. Who stuff, and my new favorite obsession, American Eagle flannel shirts.

Even the Chinese gift exchange went smoothly with our group, not a black eye in the house. This may set precedence in a new calm gifting on Christmas morn. I brought flame less candles and ended up with a quesadilla maker. First thinking, “what the hell am I going to do with a quesadilla maker?” Soon to find that it makes one amazing and health dinner.

The winner in the cool present category goes to these guys……

Blue and yellow on the far left and the solid blue in the middle have joined their brethren. Don’t they look happy? How did he know I liked Pumas?

From the Homosexual, lifetime companion partner’s Mom I got a Gap gift card. No. I got a Baby Gap gift card.

Was she trying to tell me something?


Wonder Man said...

that's a lot of shoes

Homer said...

Congrats on your pregnancy.

Lol, the word verification word is "horymen"

Dead Robot said...

If you become a father, I hope you get a baby manatee.

Pac said...

You're going to need more than that. Bears usually have twins or triplets.

Blobby said...


It's only because they don't a Big Baby Gap...........yet