Monday, December 29, 2008


How was the holiday for ya? Ours went pretty well. I had been mopey since last Monday when thanks to the Jeep sucking my wallet dry I couldn’t buy some prezies I wanted for Fuzzy. Not to mention that we where going to get a new flat screen TV. But, either the love of my life wanted to treat me, or he was tired of my whining, On Christmas morn I found a huge TV box in the living room. WAY TO GO FUZZ!

I shared the Christmas Eve pictures from Carl and Will’s house. To follow this up I have to say that dinner was amazing. Carl served six-hour pork loin. We were lucking to see Jerrod later in the evening after he got off of work. This was after my forth glass of wine, so I’m sure we had a great time.

At the last minute we decided to make an appearance at Fuzzy’s families house on Christmas day. Now, I’m generally anti-family but he seemed excited, so we went. It was actually really fun.

On Friday Morning we had the tree down by 11AM. Christmas was over so out went the tree. This had nothing to do with the flat screen TV box sitting in the middle of the living room. Nope. We where both hung-over but hauling the 12’ tree to the dumpster was very cathartic. This gave us an excuse to rearrange the living room. It was around this time when I reminded him of our holiday party. Apparently when our friends John and Joe arrived they mentioned that the last time they where there, there was a diamond plate truck toolbox being used as a coffee table. To which Fuz responded, “Yeah, the wife is domesticating me.” Normally, he would of gotten a slug in the arm. But I’m still in my TV coma.


Anonymous said...

Steve, I am here to testify that you are by NO means the wife. Don't tell Fuzzy I said that, tho...fc

Dead Robot said...

Welcome to the world of HDTV. Your eyes may bleed with tears of joy at any time.

go get a PS3 now and we can scare the straight boys in Playstation Home.

Freddyeyes said...

I want to come watch something on it! Sounds like a HUGE TV for people who don't watch TV!? Eh!? lol I'll just take that for ya! Wasn't Xmas Eve so much fun! It was! Oh are you going to post that video? I loved it and I'm sure others would love a video like that of you too!