Monday, December 8, 2008


Have you seen the commercials for The Snuggie?

It's a blanket with sleeves. Wow, finally a solution to the dreaded blanket conundrum hitting America. Un-employment hits highs only attained under Ronald Reagan and yet our real problem of blankets not covering our bloated frames is solved.

I’m a junkie for infomercials. This stems from spending late night hours on the couch after coming home from the bath house to cram Taco Bell down my sad burrito supreme hole. I believe this is from hours on the couch as a kid watching the Ronco record cleaner. God, I wanted one of those!
As you can tell, when I see a great consumer insulting ad campaign, I’m hooked.
“Why yes, I have been searching my whole life for the amazing wonder mop!”

But as I picked up my credit card to order I stopped and thought "I've seen this somewhere before?" Then it hit me.
The 1976 movie Logan’s run.

Apparently you can spend $19.95 to look like you’re ready for Lastday. My favorite line,
"You don't have to die! No one has to die at 30! You could live! LIVE! Live, and grow old! I've seen it!"
So, I'm six years late for Lastday? Damn, where does the time go.

Take a look at the last couple of seconds of this clip........

To quote Dixie Longate
"Oh, my ass is on fire!"


Howard said...

We know where the people remaking Logan's Run can get costumes for cheap now.

Michael said...

Who came up with the ridiculous price of $59.95 for that thing? I wouldn't pay that for a piece of fleece?!? Fortunately it is only $14.95 plus $20 in shipping.

And I am deeply insulted that they think just because I want to be wrapped in soft fleece and look like a demented priest that I should also want a book light...what if I can't read?

That reminds me of the "hooked on phonics" commercials where they say dial "1-800-ABCDEFG" uhm, if you can't read how are you doing to dial the phone like that?

Christopher said...

This commercial actually makes me violently angry!

Kezza said...

I knew I'd seen the snuggie somewhere before - I need to get one now so I can look all hyper-futuristic. I also wouldn't mind that short green dress thing, oh and I'd like it if my arse was on fire too. Ahhhh, the future holds so much. Of course the small matter of dying at 30 is something of a problem.

Christopher said...

StevieB - Thanks for the Dixie post back when you all travled to see her. Saturday night the BF and I went and saw her in Melbourne, FL. She is a true hoot. The venue was small and it was not overcrowded. I must confess though I didn't buy the can opener. 'Watching' your earlier post saved me $30. You rock!