Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December's list

We went to the Denver Parade of lights last Friday. We thought it to be cold, really freaking cold. So, we layered up, thermals and flannels, layer upon layer. By the time we got down to the City County building I had worked up such a sweat I wanted to strip right there on Colfax. Damn global warming!
The parade was actually quite cute. Bands, balloons, and floats waddled by. It also seemed that every “dance studio” in Denver drug their clod hopping chubettes down the street in angle wings.

This really was a great time. Six gay men, one straight guy and a 2 year old. We stood out, but damn everyone loves a parade. Here’s a bad IPhone pic

At the beginning of November I sent out a mass email laying out suggestions for every free moment in December. Now we’re down two, The Parade of lights and Fuzzy’s holiday concert which happened on Saturday. The highlight of that was when my IPhone started playing Colton Ford at full volume. Now we just have to trim the tree, make cookies, go to the Denver Gay men’s choirs (kicking and screaming) Zoo Lights and about a dozen other Christmas “festivities.” Man, is it January yet.

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Anonymous said...

If your phone is gonna go off during the manfriend's concert there's no one better than Colton Ford to have as a ring tone. fc