Thursday, December 18, 2008


Seeing that the only real thing I do at work is wander around on the interwebs you’d think I be more of astute in social gravitas. You’re wrong buster. So very wrong. To keep up on the gay community I keep to several true sources of hyper-gayness. Now of course there’s Towleroad and Connexions, but also podcasts such as Feast of Fools. But in this era of “New media” I also like to keep up with our trusted old gay newspapers such as Out Front Colorado. But, I’m not a cave man, or 45 so I use the on line edition. This is where I found “Open letters” to our local hangout Hamburger Mary’s.

Hamburger Mary’s is like an old trick's house. You’ve been going for a while; you know you’ll get some. But all the baggage and drama makes you shutter at the door. I’ve decided to post two letters from Out Front Colorado.

Hamburger Mary's - Not so Mary
Hamburger Mary's, I love you.... The food is great, the drinks are awesome, and the atmosphere is very entertaining BUT the service often times SUCKS. Yeah, I said it "SUCKS". The guy and lady who run the place always walk around like they have a major chip on their shoulder. Not all of the wait staff and bartenders SUCK but often times their customer services is embarrassing. My buddies and I tip very well, we are nice, and not demanding at all. I waited tables when I was in college so I get that there are bad days but the same people giving bad service all the time. I love going to Hamburger Mary's because of the food, drinks and atmosphere but why can't the service be just as good. The sad thing is that the management is just as bad, WTF. If you have ever gone to Hamburger Mary's I am sure you know what I am talking about.

I agree, Hamburger Mary's, NOT so Mary
My friends and I went to Hamburger Mary's for their brunch. My friends were hesitant to go but I insisted, BIG MISTAKE!!! We order and the waitress made a few recommendations on our order which we thought was very cool. When the person brought our order to us it was NOT what we order. So get this, it took them 3 times to run our order and they still did not get it right, LoL. The waitress was very apologetic and we were still cool with her because we wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. She leaves to go on what seemed like a break and then she realizes she had us setting there with no silverware. Of course we were smart enough to ask someone else for the silverware. She must have been feeling guilty because she sent one of the waiters over to try and make things cool, his response, and I am being serious (no joke), "come on guys it's not like you come to Mary's for the service" and he laughed. Well so much for their tag line of "Eat, Drink, and be Mary" because my friend and I are usually not feeling "Mary" when we leave the F@!ken place. What I usually see is a bunch of fairy's being not so Mary so I guess if they are going to give that kind of service they should change their tag line to "Eat, Drink, and be not so Mary". At least then they will be practicing what they preach.


Anonymous said...

Amen and pass the gravy!

BTW, some of us are 45, ASS! fc

Anonymous said...

agreed. service @ H. Marys sucks... but so does the food, the atmosphere and the staff.

Michael said...

We have a "Hamburger Mary's" here in Chicago, it's a little more than a year old. When they first opened we went because the servers were supposed to be "fun and campy."

Well let's just say that our waiter was "bitchy" which is NOT the same as "fun and campy" he thought he was being hilarious but when I started bantering back with him he took offense to it and gave us attitude. I guess he figured it just went one way.

oh well!