Monday, December 15, 2008


Deciding I needed more music I logged in to the Itunes music store. "Must have more music,” the little voice drowning out any other thoughts. It was then that a misplaced click landed me down on the rubble pile. You know it, the very bottom of your ITunes. The place where your bottom dwelling no lable music swarms around. The ally mutts of imported music. I'm pretty sure I come home drunk; burnt CDs of mixed music in my pocket like most guys have trick cards. Late at night on this drinking stupor, I import this pirate’s tonnage and throw away any evidence along with the Taco Bell.

This is the story I've concocted to understand how all this unlabeled tracks got onto my Itunes, that or I’ve been really lazy lately. I had twenty-three “Track 1” songs with no discernible traits other then the shuffle trying to play them with out album art.

This is where the IPhone once again paid for its self. Shazam is a down loadable app that listens to your tunes and gives you a label of song, artist, and album. Now I know that I have three remakes of Exposé’s Let me be the one or, seriously 174 Madonna tracks. Does anyone need that much Madonna? I think yes.

So, I feel I’m doing my part in the recession. Instead of buying new songs I’m rediscovering songs I already have. I’m so green.


Michael said...

I have more than 12,500 songs on my iPod and I listen to it on random for at least 6 hours a day at work...and I still have THOUSANDS of unlistened tracks! I don't have to buy music for a long time - and yet I continue to do so?!?

Kezza said...

My iTunes is filled with Country music, plenty of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and other old relics, thats right, no Reba McIntyre or Garth Brooks for me. I don't particularly like any of it, but its there and I have no idea why. I've never hit the iTunes store but I know it'll become a giant money pit when I do.

Why do you bother hiding your late night Taco Bell, I mean seriously, I'm sure by now Fuzzy has worked out your fascination with it!

Freddyeyes said...

ok first off... now i'm singing "Let me be the one" by expose next I need you to come over and label my tracks - I have CD's from Brent and Dalton and you and who knows who else and I think we had matching bottoms! LOL Hahahha! in our itunes of ocurse!

Brent said...

I only have 152 Madonna songs on my itunes- I've got some catching up to do!

Brent said...

I only have 152 Madonna songs on my itunes! I have some catching up to do!