Friday, December 19, 2008


I've noticed that the herd of Lesbians (I've heard of Lesbians)that I work with had started to call me Tony. At first I paid no attention, then assumed it was because “all men look alike.” But after awhile I noticed they would say “Hi tony!” Snicker, snicker.
“OK, why are y’all calling me Tony?”
I was told it’s because every time someone at work asks me how I’m doing I respond,
“I’m Gggggggreat!!!!!!”

Hence, Tony. As in Tony the Tiger. Lesbians are so witty.
Yeah! Hence.

I was asked by the head lesbian if I could help put up “holiday" decorations. Not Christmas, holiday. Happy bunnies and snowmen, we refer to them as Snow people.”

As I stood to hang a gender neutral snow person. I slipped and ended up jumping onto her desk. She asked if I was okay and I responded,
“Sorry, but what do you expect I’ve got this big head and these little arms!
Get it?
Tiny the Dinosaur?
He’s a Dinosaur?
T-rex, with little arms?
A big head?


I then just quietly walked back to my cube.

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KenPaul66 said...

You know what ? You just described me. Every morning when people at work ask me how I am, I always say,great with gusto no matter how I really am. I've noticed the snickers too.