Thursday, December 4, 2008


All the boys met at Pappadeaux Restaurant for lunch. Kind of the last time over stuffing on seafood before Dalton heads back to New York. I got stuck in the cubical. Eating this.....

Square California rolls. Never buy sushi out of the back of a truck. Since I’ve eaten every two hours since last Thursday, I need to lose some weight.

Last Friday Denver lit up the lights at City hall.....


I think I hate Facebook.

Every time I log on there's another hot picture of hot Steve Meis.

He's a guy I "sort of" dated before Dalton when I lived in Dallas. He just gets hotter and hotter. You think back and wonder what did ya do to screw that up?


Fuzzy found "elegant" glassware at the Kroger.


Now, how about some Bagdad Cafe?


Anonymous said...

Sushi off the back of a truck? Now I'm scared like never before!

Kezza said...

Diet coke, I mean seriously, DIET COKE? Don't you have coke zero or something a little bit less feminine? As for a square california roll - I guess it constitutes a good square meal, and why does Kroger's "elegant glassware" look so damned inelegant, I thought you might have uncovered Reidel or Krosno or something. Were they even made out of glass?

Anonymous said...

Obviously a definition of elegant which I have previously been unaware.