Monday, December 22, 2008


We're just a couple days away from the big day. By that I mean the Doctor Who Christmas special. I know! I'm excited too!

Seeing that BBC America or SCIFI won't, or can't show the episode airing Christmas day in The Mother Land, we're gonna have to wait until some nice Brit uploads it onto Youtube. Nice Brit... Thank you!


Freddyeyes said...

I just like when Your "Nerd alert" alarms goes off and you say "WHOOP WHOOP!" It makes me happy!

Now I'll have the Dr Who song in my head from the old show is it the same song on the new one?

Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeeee! *giggle* *clap* *bounce* *giggle*

Stephen Chapman... said...

Doctor Who used to be a bit nerdy, but in the UK it's now classed as "almost cool, but no-one would admit that"

Wonder Man said...

It's sad they won't play the holiday version here, but I'm sure there will be other ways to get it.

Jeph said...

OMG Can't wait to see that! We're only a few DVDs in on the third season, and loving it. Do you also watch Torchwood?