Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DGMC and Ron Moore

I went to the Denver Gay Men’s Choir concert last weekend. This is part of my master plan to do “all things Christmassy” if it’s festive and gay, I want to be there. It’s my plan to not miss anything this season. It’s also my plan to drag my friends kicking and screaming along for the sleigh ride.

The concert was good. The scenery was the best part, snow covered trees everywhere.
(I hope you just didn’t miss the subtlety of that comment.)

Chrissy and I played “find the toupee.” We search the 70 gays looking for the dead cat splayed upon heads. We found three. If you’ve ever been to one of these you’ll know that this is the most entertainment you might get. That is if you're ill-cultured and haven’t an attention span, like me.

In the program was the ubiquities list of troubadours. On the adjacent page were the DGMC angles. This is where they list every member that has past. Skimming this list I was struck with one name. Ron Moore. It hit like a ton of bricks slammed against my brain. He’s been dead for more then ten years, but still it cut like yesterday. Ron Moore and I dated eons ago, yet every day with him rushed back as I sat there in my pew. Ron was International Mr. Leather in 1984, but we happen well after his reign. Isn’t it funny if you let your mind wander and start thinking of all the guys we’ve lost during the siege. What if they just weren’t ripped away from us? How would the community look in 2009?

I know, sorry. Thinking this way will drive you crazy. But, in a way this is why I’m running around not wanting to miss any holiday sparkle. Because I can.


Anonymous said...

BTW thanks for driuving the Christmas bus, or sleigh, as I would have Bah Humbugged my way thru another holiday season without it. Sadly I did not make the Faggoty Men's Choir this year and missed played fing the dead kitty. Devils! fc

Edward said...

Nice to read your memory of Ron Moore. I never met him, but he was an idol of mine way back in the 1970s, when nude photos had just become legal and legit. I had a bunch of his photos from Western Photography Guild, and I thought Ron was the handsomest man on the planet. What really wowed me, though, was his ease and comfort with his own body. He wasn't a pumped-up muscleman, thank God, but he had a beautiful natural physique that he was happy to share with the world, and he looked like a really nice guy. I still have the photos. I'd like to read more of your memories of Ron. Enjoy the holidays!