Friday, January 2, 2015

My Resolution for 2015

As I turned onto the interstate I felt the wheels of the Jeep slip on the ice. Not enough to startle me, as after the night I had nothing possibly could startle me. The slipping wheels simply moved me to automatically reach for the metal leaver next to the shifter and pop the 4X4 into its four wheel drive. I gunned the accelerator pedal and up the ramp on to northbound 25 I went.  Into the frozen night.

The highway was empty. I wasn't surprised as everyone on the planet was somewhere else. It was the one night when it was dictated that individuals should gather in groups. I, on the other hand, was speeding on an icy road.  On thin ice. Blurred lines matched my blurred mind. The things you said. Words that set me out on this cold snowy journey.

It was timed almost too perfectly. As I approached the city sky line the fireworks began to blossom. Over the towering buildings, explosions of light began. Instant massive bouquets of fire and flame using the joyous rapture of the city as their nourishment. As it is dictated that people gather on this night, I could sense the wonderment of the mere mortals of the city enveloped in the explosions on this first night. I turned back to the road. Faster and faster up the snow packed highway.

I'm not sure where I drove. Eventually the first night of the year gave up and let the first morning over-take from the East. I had driven until it was time for me too to give up. Completely healed and excited about the future due to the cathartic drive I finally exited the highway. The two exit lanes heading to the tiny street of home. The outside lane seemed wrong. Somehow.  Even if it was the lane used to exit to my house. I signaled and swerved into the inside lane. SMASH!!!! A  truck sliding full-on slammed into the car that I was just behind. The full force of the impact sent both cars into the intersection. Broken glass flew through the air like fireworks.

Sometimes life gives you signs. Loud, twisted metal and broken glass signs. Signs to remind you that perspective is needed. That is my Resolution for 2015. To seek out and pay attention to these signs. 



Anonymous said...

Hi. Sounds like you are physically okay but maybe not psychically. I'm guessing relationship drama. Hope your new year gets better. Take care.

anne marie in philly said...

yikes! we need you alive for 2015; HNY, BTW!

John said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. I'm with you that driving helps clear my mind and put things in perspective, and even more so at night. I hope 2015 gives you the clarity and perspective you clearly are craving.