Saturday, January 3, 2015

Beef or Cow?

On New Years Eve, Eve I finally got to have dinner with my close friend, Frank. It was one of those "catch up" dinners between friends as life has not allowed us time to hangout.  We met at Chilis after work.  Seeing out 2014 over chips and salsa.  

I ordered their famous chicken enchilada soup and a turkey burger.  Not that I don't eat beef burgers, I just am rarely in the mood for it. As our food came, I jumped into my stacked high turkey burger.  A couple of bites in, I noticed something strange. Mostly, a beef patty. As the waitress walked by I casually mentioned the mix up. I joked that it was beef; and icky. She seemed deeply concerned. "Oh my God!  Are you vegetarian?"

Blink-blink. I stared up at her. 

"Well,I did order a turkey burger." 

Blink-blink. She stared back at me...

After what seemed an eternity, she apologized for serving me meat. I attempted to brush off the mix up as no big deal. And as she left the table I started to question if maybe I was vegetarian. Since I only eat turkeys, chickens, the occasional fish, and frat brothers. 

My New Year's resolution? Eat strictly vegetarian. Meaning, anything that's not a cow. 


Pac said...

Am I the only one reading this who actually heard the "blink-blink"?

Very well then, I'll be making an appointment on Monday.

Brahm Kornbluth said...

Good for you... I tried the non-red-meat thing and did not last very long.. still want to do it for health reasons... will be interested to see if you can stick with it!

Ur-spo said...

A commendable goal, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Alberta and Colorado are the same.

cb said...

Just not Chick-Fil-Ah