Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Name Game

Could date a person with the same name as you? It is an odd question that truly applies to LGBT people. Could you date a guy or a girl with the same name. If I was chatting up a guy named Steve, I'm unsure how I would feel. Yes, there's the lame joke about screaming out your own name during sex, but seriously? I think I would really have mixed feelings whether I could ask out a guy named Steve.

What about dating? Would we be known as "The Steves?" Like when inviting people over to a fabulous dinner party one host would turn to their partner and ask, "Should we invite The Steves?" Or, when you are living together, a telemarketer calls and asks to speak to Steve. I've know Kathy and
Kathie, like the "y" changes things. I've known a Jim and a Jimbo, and a Mike whose handsome life partner was Mic.  I really am curious how these couples know what Christmas stocking to grab on Christmas morning. How narcissistic would it be to stand around at work on Monday morning talking about how much fun you had with Sue.  "Sue is soooo great at rock climbing. Sue is such a great cook, Saturday Sue made Spaghetti alla Carbonara."

What about dating a person with your Dad or Mom's name? Do you really want to quietly whisper your Dad's name into the ear of someone who passed out on top of you after hours of sweaty sex? My Dad's first name is Wilbur , so.... no trouble with that. I've never chatted up that hot bro leaning against the bar to find out his name is Wilbur. Would it be okay to be sitting at Thanksgiving and telling the family your new partner is also named Linda. "Linda and I are really romantically compatible."

Is it a deal breaker?


Blobby said...

If I "dated" someone with my name, I would be dating someone with my father's name. It's all too much for me. Since I go by my full name, maybe if - for example - one was Jim and one James....it might work.

Back in Columbus, there were two well known gay men: Pat and Richard. They were just known and "the Nixons".

Drew Garrett said...

My boyfriend's name is also Drew. Most of my friends call him D2. I've found that when it's just the two of us, names don't really come up very often. It can get a little confusing in groups, though.

Jeffrey said...

Yes, I have dated more than one guy named Jeffrey. (I wish at the same time). They usually go by Jeff. And I am a Junior too. Friends did make fun of it. My partner now is Jeremy and everyone just says "J and J" in group settings.

anne marie in philly said...

names are just names; it's the person behind the name that counts!

Pac said...

Now I'm imagining shouting out in the middle of passionate lovemaking: "Oh Wilbur!"