Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Can I tell you how much I love Gaydar Internet Radio? I found it through iTunes under RADIO/ELECTRONICA but you can also just go to Gaydarradio.com to listen to their live audio stream.

It’s pretty awesome. Not to mention the cute little DJ Alex Baker has gotten me through some depressing times at work the last couple of weeks.

Alex and I are like, totally like Facebook friends now, and we’re twitter…..twits. God I hate twitter.

So… if you need gay dance music in your life and you get an instant boner for a guy with an English accent, check out Gaydar.


Link995 said...

Love that channel - I love that music.. LOL

Ever check out dirrtyremixes.com? You can get a lot of good stuff there. I just sent it to Jerrod, not sure if he tried it out yet.

Hope all is well.


Wonder Man said...

you have a twitter?

Geoff said...

You are SO right about gaydar! I fell in love with it about 5-6 years ago when a coworker told me about their streaming...but then the Brits changed their international streaming laws and I thought it was gone forever! Thanks for clueing me into them on iTunes StevieB!!