Thursday, May 13, 2010


Okay. So… yesterday my car’s satellite radio may or may not have been tuned to Seth Rudetsky’s Broadway and show tune channel. And I may or may not have been listening to show tunes. After leaving the gym where I was pumping heavy iron over my head for like hours. Pumping my guns and shit. Yeah.

So, maybe I was listening to show tunes. Maybe I was singing along, and maybe I had a big finish when my jazz hands shot up around my head.

In case you talk to our Femail man and she mentions that I’m awfully friendly as I drive by, yes I was waving to her and not reenacting the second act of Wicked. God I’m a huge fag.


Wonder Man said...

oh my

The Mutant said...

God hates fags.

Unless they're huge ones, then he's more than happy to perform the entire West Side Story score alongside them.

Blobby said...

"everything's comin' up Homo!"

...maybe. I'm just sayin'.