Thursday, May 6, 2010


I need a cocktail. A huge frickin cocktail. I just completed two weeks of Job-roulette.

I have a job!


Wait, yes. Yes? No.

So…… no then? Okay, I’m cool with that.

Wait, yes?

Let’s just say I’m having issues this week with the powers that fund government….. stuff. They “really can prove the critical need for my program” yet it can’t can be extended. If you need me I’ll being sitting under my desk with an aluminum foil hat.  Do you know what Nam Myoho Renge Kyo means?

I'm not going crazy, I'm not going crazy.

I’m glad to say that as of today right now I’m still the occupant of cubical number 423, 995. Cool.  Tonight I’m going to go celebrate by seeing Dixie Longate put on a Tupperware show. Buying some plastic crap will cheer me up.


SharkBoy said...

Have fun tonight. She sounds like a hoot... She'll make you forget the job roulette

Wonder Man said...

I'm glad things worked out, but that would scare the hell out of me

cb said...

did you see my post on Dixie's tupperware party? A friend of mine and I actually sat on stage and WON the collapsible bowls!!

StevieB said...

That means you're the best rimmer in your state. I'd like to see that!

Geoff said...

I've heard she's hysterical, I'm envious! Glad things turned out well for you