Friday, May 28, 2010


I’m working from home today. This really means I’m working from Frank’s kitchen bar watching Dalton make uber pink cupcakes. Gayest. Cupcakes. Ever.
Part of being able to work from home is getting up early to drag the dog around the block. Normally I’d make Fuzzy do this morning task, but Fuzz is in Tulsa, Ok. this week. So The Harley man and myself get to go have an adventure around our quaint little village. Wearing work-out shorts without underwear. Apparently.

Halfway through our morning constitutional the birds in the park decided that we were invading their turf. This started cute, like “how cute the birds are enjoying the morning.” Then quickly turned to “oh, God. Run! Damn you run! Run Tippi Hedren, run!” I hate it when my dog makes overtly gay movie quote references. I just hate it. But, he is a Shar-pei. So… any dog that was originally sold via the Nemium Marcus Christmas catalogue is going to do that kind of thing.

Have a great Memorial Day if you’re in the US. If you live elsewhere, enjoy the US oil that’s about to wash up on your shores.


Dead Robot said...

Without underwear? How do you get underwear on Harley Man?

Wonder Man said...

without underwear? you are causing folks to stare

The Mutant said...

I'm standing on the beach, waiting for your oil as we speak.

Oh, and for future reference don't mention your lack of underwear so early in the story... It took me a good fifteen minutes to focus on the rest of what you'd written.

You'll also find that if you don't sew birds onto your dress, they attack you a whole lot less Miss Thinly-veiled-mysogyny-reference, err I mean Miss Hedren