Thursday, May 20, 2010


I’ve been fighting a cold all this week but, I’m determined to win. Try as I may. Part of being sick is the fight of “should I go to the gym or not?” Now most times if I’m illin I can go run through some sets and I leave feeling much better. It does go without saying that if I’m coughing up a lung to get all the other Dudes sick there is no choice. Or… if I have bad hair.

Tuesday I decided to go and see what I could do. Wow it was funny, I was so determined to have a great workout that I lifted more and did more sets on chest then I had done for months. Fear is a great motivator. Yesterday however, I wasn’t feel as well so I decided to skip, this was fine until five last night when I’m sitting on my couch watching the Doctor Who episode Of Flesh And Stone for the third time, feeling good but pissed because I was getting all atrophic, wasting away right there infront of the tube.

So today I’m still fighting the sniffles. We’ll see how the day goes and see but, today is shoulders and I love shoulders. That and I have great hair.

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Wonder Man said...

well don't over work yourself, you could watch Miss River Song again