Monday, June 21, 2010


The only picture I took during this weekend’s Pride parade was of a burrito balloon. I guess I was hungry. It also shows my priorities, tens of thousands flock to down town Denver, Colorado to celebrate being out and proud and I’m thinking “Mmmmmm, Chipotle.”

It was an amazing weekend; the parties and parade for Colorado's gay pride were first rate this year. The last remaining survivors from En Vogue per formed on Sunday and I heard some great DJs. The weekend was really about great times hanging out with friends, incredibly hot guys walking around shirtless and well… a lot of tasty burritos. So, it all works out.


Wonder Man said...

sounds like a good time

Dead Robot said...

There are moments I wish I had a digital camera installed wet-ware into my brain via my eyes/ears. It sounds like you could have used one.

Were the burritos consumed drunkenly?