Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I’m looking for the right picture for the back cover for my upcoming autobiography. Something that exudes integrity but more importantly expresses the dignity I have towards my position in life. I think this is my best so far taken by Dalton….

My Life As It Has Been Lived With Dignity. Notice how I’m looking toward the future.

LOOK! New Pumas.


Wonder Man said...

I'll buy it

Link995 said...

Can I please pre-order two signed copies with rush delivery!

Hot Pumas!

Dead Robot said...

Samurai Jack Tee?

I can't love you any more right now.

(looks at Mr Walrus photo)


Homer said...

I'll wait for the movie. Isn't Falcon or Titan making it?

Damien Oz said...

Homer - it'll be on the W channel.

Hot Mess Telemovie of The Week :)

Meanwhile - that photo screams "If you listen closely, you can hear the ocean :) "

Even with the chopstick fangs :)

Sean Thompson said...

The sticks really bring out your eyes.