Monday, June 7, 2010



Finally a vacation planned.

Around six months ago Jerrod and Mike mentioned taking a vacation to Mike’s family vacation house on an island across the bay from Seattle. Jerrod suggested a group trip to spend a week at the beach spending long nights on the deck drinking beer. Sounds frickin great we thought.

Now after some amazing procrastination and watching the flight rates go up and up, we have our tickets virtually in hand. Yippy. Although now, it’s all I can think about. The last weekend in July, touring the gay bars in Seattle then a week in a beach house hanging out with the buds.

Any place we haf-ta haf-ta see in Seattle? Outside on the “first Starbucks and the farmers market” that is. Best sit-and-have-a-beer gay bar?

Can it please be July 23rd now?


Wonder Man said...

Seattle is cool. I'm usually at least once a year

Michael Rivers said...

I've never been there. Sounds great. I need a vacation so bad. Can I go too?

The Mutant said...

You totally have to visit the Empire State building, and the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park, and the Lincoln Memorial and... Oh, wait - Seattle. Um, dunno. Ask Mike.

Krichael said...

if you wanna get gay, there is no better place than Capitol Hill, east of downtown. the best club is probably going to be R Place, while the best bar(s), hmmmm.... maybe CC's or Purr?

Basically almost all of the bars in Capitol Hill are gay.

You're gonna have a fucking blast.