Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Big 40

On this coming Saturday I will turn forty. I am honestly thinking nothing of it. Well, about the age thing anyway as I always revel in my birthday. For me it’s a day of luxury, to indulge in boisterous festivities.

Since this year the big day will fall on a Saturday, my adventurous day ‘bout town can be shared with friends. We will make the annual pilgrimage to my favorite Cajun style restaurant for breakfast, and then spend the day on a walking tour of museums in the city. I will be joined by friends and relatives on different stops along the way.

You are Sixteen, going on Forty...
Spend your birthday wandering around museums? Yeah, it’s crazy to think this, taking a perfectly good birthday and blowing it inside a stuffy museum. I would have thought this as well. I guess I’ll chalk this up to being forty. Isn’t this was old people do? When I was sixteen I wouldn’t have dreamed that I’d even make it to forty, much less spending it looking at art. It would be such a boring, un-cool way to waste your time. But then again at sixteen I spent my days lounging in the grass of Cheesman Park, eating nothing but gas station nachos. So really who was I to judge? Shut up, sixteen year old Steve!

My fortieth year will find me in a museum gift shop. This really is why I go to museums in the first place. You get to play with cool stuff in the gift store, and act like a sixteen year old.


Damien Oz said...

Ill wish you an early Mazel Tov Sir.

I turn forty in March - oy vey.

Mine will be most likely spent at museums and art galleries finishing at a cocktail lounge somewhere.

much love to you matey

Jim said...

Happy early birthday!

Kelly said...

Enjoy your big 40th... you are looking good... seem to be feeling good... just have far my 40's have been a bit more fun than my 30's and I am less than two year in... enjoy!! Happy Birthday!

Wonder Man said...

have fun at the museums and happy early birthday

Erik Rubright said...

Happy early 4-0!