Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Personal Essay

I’m becoming a real college student. Well, returning to my old college ways. I completely forgot to do my homework, due tonight, until this morning. Read three chapters on “Writing a Personal Essay.”

Just look at that hat! Is
that not just the
sexiest looking thing.
Man, I love that hat.
I believe that learning how to write a personal essay will benefit me in some way… maybe it will help you stomach my blogging more than benefit me. Only time will tell. My path away form the corporate world, to its new degree and education will someday take me to the glamorous life of Forest Management. This requires a massive amount of science, once I've completed my last couple of classes in English. When I think about the amount of classes in ecosystems and natural science what motivates me, really, is the uniform. Is it wrong to pick a career based on a really cool hat?

I have a personal essay due on February 2nd, maybe I’ll write about how much I think US park rangers’ uniforms are amazingly cool. Keep me motivated. Or, maybe I should pull some obscure story form my past. I guess that’s the good thing about being a blogger, built in archives.


Gooster said...

If you want to sit in a tree fort for 8 month a year for $21,000 for a cool hat, more power to ya! I know you are just hoping to have a random encounter with Smokey the Bear!!

Homer said...

My buddy Jimbo was a park ranger!

Blobby said...

They've made male films with men wearing that uniform. It could be a dual career change for you, if you play your cards right.

Pac said...

If you're going to choose a major based on the porn fetish du jour, I suppose you could do worse than Forest Ranger. (A career in pizza delivery comes to mind.) But what happened to your "office porn" phase?

It's not that I'm worried about how this choice affects your future. (Although it does concern me deeply.) I only ask because I just dropped a fortune at Jos. a. Bank. :^(