Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Road to the White House '12

On the main street of my town sits a diner. This diner is small breakfast themed Inn that decided to update its decor by installing flat panel televisions upon every wall. Apparently the televisions only receive sports and news channels. As I work from home, this diner has turned into my morning break room. A morning break room that is now only filled with politics.

As I sip on my coffee in a booth with a great view of the largest TV, I started to compose a blog post on how much I hate televised US politics. This is when I realized that being a blogger for more than four years; I could just go back and repost my incoherent rants about the campaigns in ’08. This is when I realized why I hate American politics so frickin much. The last election was filled with Democrats spewing forth campaign promises on how positive change is needed. The Republicans are now jack booting around tearing everything down. Everything in society is wrong or on the wrong path, we are doomed to failure unless Dominionism is installed.

I am a positive individual down to my core. The glass will always be half full to me, although I am far from having a Pollyannaish outlook. The tearing down and making examples of everything that is or might be considered wrong in this country only feeds fear. A fear that takes reason and locks it into an abandoned car’s trunk/boot somewhere in a  God forsaken junkyard.

My morning diner has turned into a battle ground for the dumbing down of America’s intellect and reasoning. I guess I should start taking a book with me to breakfast.

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Wonder Man said...

It's crazy to watch, but I love it