Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dog Time

For the last month, I have set my alarm clock for 6am. For the last month, my dog has his set for 5:15am.

Starting at 5:15:03 the Shar-pei I adore has decided that morning walk time begins with a stroll up the bed and onto my chest. I will suddenly feel a pressure on my chest, then a wet sensation on my eye. This comes from a wet nose being inserted into my cornea.

I still set the alarm clock every night in the outside chance that Mr.Furry decides to take a holiday. That maybe I'll get to "sleep in" until six. I guess I'd miss that happy feeling of not wiping sleep from my eyes, but dog drool.

I really shouldn't complain, I do enjoy our sunrise walks. Just me and the dog.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that how you get pink eye?

Sean said...

My Truvy does the same thing. If I walk her later, she gets up later.

Do you have a neighbor who could be loud enough to wake her?

Wonder Man said...

our cats wakes us up early as well

Blobby said...
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Blobby said...

04:30 every morning the cat decides to paw at me to get me to wake. All she wants is one pet and she settles in next to me and goes back to sleep.

I'm finding lately if I do not pet her, she bites my chin.

So now I pet her.

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Erik Rubright said...

And THAT is why Captain Picard had a fish.