Friday, November 14, 2008


My Obama bumper sticker came in the mail today! I’m very excited, I’m gonna rush out and affix this puppy to my bumper right now. Thanks, not so much on the timely mail, are ya?

On Tuesday we spent the afternoon at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. The collections were great as usual. I snapped some pictures of the building. Never try to be sly and take pictures in a museum. You just might get an uber Dyke reminding you of your status in life.

And here’s a ubiquitous, self-serving picture of your handy StevieB. I’ve lost 10 pounds, for thoughs of you that are keeping tack at home. This was due to not driving through Taco Bell twice a week. I’m just saying that’s all.


erik said...

Hey, that sticker could end up on Antiques Roadshow someday.

Tom said...

Woof! Lookin' good! ;D