Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lesbians and the land of Cubicals

So at my job I sit in a sea of cubicles, all day surrounded by Lesbians. Hordes of them, herds of them. Swarming around like politically minded, well dressed wolves. They approach and rattle off stuff like
“Did you see that sub-committee for the legislator just cut funding of the Glenn-Beck finance bill by 4.793495959595% like that’s going to fly.”
“Uh…..yes? I have 19” arms.”

It is kinda nice to be a minority, me being the only male and yet being a Moe. As they discuss Golf I can just space out and start to think of fun things I want to buy, and no one thinks less of me. Today the Alfa, We call her Diana Shore, came to let me know that the “group” is supporting two families for Thanksgiving. I asked
“do you want me to bake a pie?” I guess this shows weakness in the Lesbian community. Because, she let me know that she did not want me to bake anything…. Ever. This must be a Sappho euphemism, I later wrote a sticky note,(Don't talk about pie!)

This is clearly forced volunteerism. They are helping the homeless or “challenged” members of our tribe and I’m coming along, with cans of green beans. So look at me, I’m all civic minded. I’m sure soon I’ll get to blog about putting up the Hanukkah-Kwanza-winter solstices Non-religious holiday decorations.


Gooster said...

I always enjoy throwing in the random can of pumpkin pie filling too in my donated stash of canned staples. I think people appreciate it!

Michael Lehet said...

I hope that you take the fancy green beans and not the store brand!