Monday, November 24, 2008

The call

Every year I get the call. So why this year I was blind sited, no clue. The IPhone started ringing Basshunter, I picked up and it was Mom. Damn! It was her twice yearly call to get me to come home. To have a nice Mormon Thanksgiving.

The Mom used every trick to have me join the passive-aggressive clan. It would of worked but fear is an amazing motivator. In mere seconds I spun a web of deceit, of an utter amazing lock tight alibi. Whooo.. that was a close one, a lie will set you free. Apparently I’m feeding children or releasing wolves back into the wild or feeding children to wolves. I said it was quick, not good. Yes, I lied to my mom. But this is after years of having the conversations and arguments about this topic. About my life, asking then demanding respect for my partners and myself. This really has not helped more then getting me hoarse. In the end I make a choice. Do I fight against their belief that if I show up, open my mouth around their kids they will be somehow turned septic? Or….. just say “No thank you.”
Chicken shit? Yeah. But so is, "Steve can come, but someone needs to tell him not to bring any of those friends."

I’ll be joining my real family for a great Turkey day over at Frank and Kevin’s. Family is not what is thrust upon you, as much as the family you create.


Howard said...

I'm having my Mormon mother come to Denver. It would seem our situations are different. My mom actually calls Cameron son. Glad you get to go somewhere you are loved for who you are.

Adam said...

Bravo!!!! You are spot on about family. I am fortunate enough to have a 110% supportive family but if I were you I would have done the same thing.

Dead Robot said...

Truer words have not been blogged.

SharkBoy said...

A chosen family can be much better than a real one, at leave they love you for who you are, without restrictions.

Next year, when your mom calls tell her to come to your place instead and remind her that she can come but she can't bring any of "those" friends with her, see how she likes that