Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why do you make me talk to her?

So, how’s your life after the election. Mine is FUCKING FANTASTIC! Other than prop. 8 in Cali that is. I got a call last night from the Mom. Why do I talk to that woman? I had avoided any contact from her when I heard that her Mormon Church was collecting money to "stop perversion in California.” Yeah, right. Seriously. It was one of “those” talks. It went something like this:

No, we did not just elect a “Muslin.” As that would mean the president is a thin plain-weave cotton fabric.

No. Actually there are numerous polls and data that shows that race was not a factor. Age was more of a factor. Just to show that people in their 70s should be ground up into Soylent Green (she's 70.)

No. I can assure you that “Shag” will not be installed in the Oval Office. Those words are not allowed to be spoken to me. (Not shag... she used the “N” word.)

Yes. I’m sure you are happy that the Mormon Church “defended marriage.” Denying your third son the simple right, that your other six children have of growing old with someone is an amazing Mormon Cru'de'tet. (Yes I know, I said amazing Mormon appetizer.) I thought it was funny, mostly because she didn’t get it.

Her response?


When you remind a Mormon who is spouting off about “Family Values” that they’re a bunch of polygamist hypocrites. You’ll get that, check this out:

I think we’re done taking for a while. I didn’t think to bring up a couple of things just to piss her off. This is from Denver’s channel four, Thanks Jerrod.
"Republican Rep. Marilyn Musgrave [author of the federal gay marriage ban] lost her bid for a fourth term as Democrats surged across Colorado, picking up two congressional seats and delivering nine electoral votes to Barack Obama.

The Democratic tide in Colorado also appeared to include election of the nation's first openly gay non-incumbent, Jared Polis, in a left-leaning district with an open seat."

Who is Jared Polis?


Freddyeyes said...

you know I have had similar discussions with your mom... Ok kidding not with HER but with people who don't see eye to eye with me policitcally - it makes me realize what I'm fighting for sometimes.

Cool about Jared Polis huh. And LATER Musgrave! wahoo!

Kezza said...

Hmmm, interesting conversation with your mother there. Good thing you turned out okay after all that though. Keep fighting the good fight buddy!