Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I’ve been watching my favorite TV show via our spunky little DVR. Ghost In The Shell is on Cartoon Network at 1:30 AM, Sunday morning. I obviously watch this Japanese futuristic police anime after the gym on Monday nights. Two weeks ago I raced home to watch it. When I clicked on the play button I got Cartoon Network’s crappy sixteen year old boy’s cartoon featuring a douche-bag talking meatball.

Okay, no biggie. The DVR recorded something wrong. Fine. It was only the last episode of the 2nd series, where everything was solved and the story line finished. Maybe they showed it at the wrong time. It will be on again……..

Last Monday, I rush home. The episode is number one, from the first series. I let out a nerd scream. The kind you hear only when nerds find out they don’t make 12 sided dice any more.

I guess it’s back to watching it over again. Damn it.


Michael Rivers said...

Could you find it on Hula or some other site? I've had that happen too! Drives me crazy.

Howard said...

Cartoon Network is silly about those things. They haven't got the rights or are waiting for a debut of sorts with the next season. If you go to the adultswim.com schedule, one of the links is a great spreadsheet of what's coming up. I use it all the time to see when new shows or seasons are starting.

I found the series of Ghost In The Shell more entertaining than the movies, so I really should set it to record.

Try Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit if it starts up again. It's beautifully drawn and has a quiet, engaging story.

and what the hell is wrong with Aqua Teen Hunger Force? :)

Wonder Man said...

is it on DVD?

Dead Robot said...

I'm a purist. Love the movies better (no annoying baby doll robot rollers for comic relief).

Of course I'm jealous that our cartoon network in Canada is as interesting, entertaining and with great variety as VD Public Service cartoons from the 50s.

the replicant said...

I know that scream. I've made it many times.